After the Affair

Helping Couples Heal and Rebuild Trust 

Bringing an outsider into your marriage causes a huge tear in the fabric of the marriage that feels impossible to repair. We will look at how the affair wreaked havoc on the relationship and how this trauma has affected your marriage.

An affair does not have to be end of a marriage. Often, couples are able to move beyond where they are, even where they would have been, had the affair not occurred. We collaborate to understand how you arrived at the point of infidelity and what is needed for the relationship to heal. We will focus on communication and rebuilding trust. I use the Gottman’s “Atone, Attune and Attach” model. I remain unbiased and serve both partners compassionately while you do the hard work to rebuild a collapsed marriage. We will work through the break in trust and the pain it caused and look for ways to connect the two of you again through understanding and accountability. Call now to start the process of building trust as a couple and immunizing your marriage from future betrayals.

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