The Real Cost of Marriage Counseling

The Real Cost of Marriage Counseling
Couples in Texas spend an average of $25,000 on a wedding. But how much money do couples invest in the health of their marriage, and the quality of their relationship? Sadly, many

couples assume that “marriage counseling costs too much” without doing the research to find out just how affordable it can be. They also can focus on the numbers rather than considering the value that good marriage counseling will bring to their lives. You want your marriage to be happy and successful. Together, we can work with a variety of options for you to get real help for your relationship.

Good Marriage Counseling is Priceless…
Consider this: If I were to ask you what was the most important thing in your whole life, you’d probably say it’s your relationship and the happiness and wellbeing of your family. (Right?) If that is true, then taking action to keep your relationship or your marriage healthy and strong is the most valuable thing that you can do with your time and your money. Having a good marriage will bring more joy and value to your life than a new pair of skis, or even a vacation. (Going skiing is not fun when one of you is crying on the chairlift, and vacations are miserable when when you’re fighting the whole time). Trust me, I talk to broken-hearted people all the time. When you’ve lost the love of your life, when your beautiful family has blown apart, when you’re coming home to a dark, empty house with no one to love, nothing else that you do or have really matters.

If your marriage is struggling, and the security of your family is threatened, good, quality marriage counseling can change the trajectory of your life. It can help you avoid the tragedy of divorce and the heartbreak of everything that goes along with it. It is an investment in everything that matters most.

Counseling: It’s Priceless. It’s Also Affordable
The whole reason I became a marriage counselor was because I wanted to help people where it matters the most. I decided that being able to help people create a healthy, strong, stable marriages and families was the most important thing I could possibly do with my life. I also knew that I needed to make this life-changing growth work accessible to people. Not just to benefit both partners in a marriage, but their children. (And the generations of kids that would follow, all with a better chance of being raised in a healthy supportive home because of the work their grandparents did).

Do the Math...  
Efficient, strategic marriage counseling is a short-term investment in your long term happiness. Where you go for marriage counseling matters. High quality marriage counseling doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) take years. In fact, research shows that most couples are able to make significant changes in their relationship in an average of 12-16 sessions.

I specialize in effective, productive therapy, coaching and marriage counseling using evidence based strategies that have been shown by research to be the most efficient ways of helping you make real and lasting change in your life. Clients often get what they need in as little as 6-12 sessions.

Furthermore, weekly sessions are often only important in the beginning stages of couples counseling. While couples get traction over 6-8 weekly sessions, once they start making progress we cut back to every other week, and then monthly sessions.

But let’s go to the worst case financial scenario. If you were to work with me, for the fee of $140, for 16 sessions, it would cost $2,240. (Spread over about 6 months = around $373 per month). Compare that investment in the most important thing in your life with how much you paid for your couch? I personally know people who spend more than that on their cable bills or eating out each month.

I wanted to walk through this with you in order to put your monthly expenses for marriage counseling in perspective, because people can get hung up on “the expense” and imagine that it’s much worse than it actually is. You are currently spending much more money on lots of stuff that is not nearly as important to you as your relationship. We’re talking about your life here. Changing the trajectory of your entire marriage is priceless. It is valuable beyond measure. But sadly, some people don’t get that until it’s too late.

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